Plus some Cycle Forward project updates and a new GAP itinerary

February 2023

Mt. Katahdin's paper birches and my father-in-law, Chuck Radock

January 2023

In appreciation of the sycamore tree and Justice Douglas

December 2022

I was unloading the dishwasher yesterday morning when KDKA broke the news that Franco Harris had died at 72. This, just two days before the 50th…
Wishing you warmth and contentment this winter
Caring without Becoming Consumed

November 2022

Hello, and Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so grateful to everyone who takes the time to connect with me in this space and in other ways as well. I’ve said it…
Exploring the outdoor economy in two Fayette counties

October 2022

Join me this Wednesday for a rousing discussion

September 2022

Glad to be home, but thinking about Atlantic Canada post-Fiona

August 2022

Plus Cycle Forward's Curiosity Series and celebrating a project milestone
And what's coming up this fall!